Manual Therapy

Optimize Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic uses manual therapy techniques as well as a variety of others to help you reach your movement goals.

On your Initial assessment, a complete musculoskeletal examination will be performed and a clinical diagnosis will be established to identify the nature of your case.

Based on this assessment, a specific Physiotherapy treatment will be initiated. This can include manual therapy or joint mobilization to alleviate pain and restore movement. Manual Therapy or joint mobilizing includes first identifying if motion within the painful or restricted joint is abnormal, limited or sometimes even hyper-mobile. Once the specific problem is identified the joint is either mobilized by a hands-on technique and stabilized to restore natural function. This is often achieved in combination with strengthening exercises and the functional application of Rock Tape. Our ultimate goal is to optimize your health and restore it to its natural function. In addition to our hands-on manual therapy approach, we use a combination of other treatments to achieve the highest level of care.

Let us optimize your health by using manual therapy and a variety of techniques to restore your movement, function and alleviate your pain.

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