The Sustain Program

This 6-month personalized weight loss program targets the root cause of your weight gain. These causes could be poor portion control, emotional eating, or simply bad habits. By addressing the root cause, we can work at building a new you, where weight loss is achieved safely over time and is kept off. This is achieved through behavior modification techniques and a series of counseling sessions.

If you have experienced repeated failures with weight loss in the past then this program is for you!

We start by increasing your awareness of your current eating behaviors through journaling and other exercises. Then we begin re-modeling or re-wiring how you respond to your environment, your triggers or your habits. And finally, we work on reinforcing your new behaviors for maintenance.

There is no cheat meal, cheat food, or cheat day. Counseling throughout your program is provided to help you maintain a healthy balance with holidays, celebrations, and physical activity.

Your initial assessment is approximately 1.5-2 hours long and includes: 

  • Metabolic testing (pre-appointment preparation required).
  • Review of medical and lifestyle history. 
  • Nutrition education. 
  • Counseling for behavior change. 
  • Goal setting.
  • Setting up a diet tracking account with Optimize RD, Jenny.
Your 5 follow up appointments are 3-4 weeks apart, between 30-60 mins long and consist of:
  • Weight, activity and diet monitoring.
  • Trouble-shooting potential barriers to your health goals.
  • New recipes.
  • Accountability.
  • On-going support.
To book your appointment with Optimize Registered Dietitian, Jenny Brown, call 780.455.5068.
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