Pelvic Health

What is a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist?

A pelvic health physio is specially trained to rehabilitate the pelvic floor muscles. They help to increase mobility and strength and reduce pain with manual techniques, gentle stretches, and exercise. This involves an assessment of the muscles, joints and connective tissues of the pelvis, low back, and hips.

What conditions respond well to pelvic health rehabilitation?

• Stress incontinence (urine leakage with laughing, coughing, exercise)
• Urgency and frequency of urination
• Pelvic pain
• Postpartum recovery
• Diastasis recti
• Birth Preparation
• Pelvic Organ Prolapse

What does a general assessment look like?

Assessment and treatment take place in a private room, one on one, and will take about 45-60 minutes. 

Day one will start with a long, detailed discussion of current complaints, bowel and bladder function, and patient goals. Every assessment will be a little different depending on the individual and what is going on with them but most will involve an assessment of the muscles, joints and connective tissues of the pelvis, low back, and hips.

It is best to dress in comfy clothes that move well as we will want to see how well your back and hips move without clothes restricting you too much. 

If an internal exam is indicated, you will be given some privacy to change, and a sheet to drape over your lower half. Although an internal exam is the best and most accurate assessment of pelvic floor activation and tone, there are patients who we don’t do one for i.e. pregnant women, and if you are not comfortable with it, we can do some external alternative assessments and go from there.

What does a general treatment look like?

It depends on the individual and the issues they are dealing with but it may include a combination of myofascial release aiming to stretch and relax tight muscles. This may include working on the back and hip muscles, as well as the internal release of pelvic floor muscles if indicated. Pelvic floor muscles are the same as any other muscle in the body, just like when you strain your hamstring and the muscle tenderness and tightness are relieved with massage, pelvic floor muscles can benefit from manual techniques.

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