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Nutrition Counseling

At Optimize Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we offer customized nutrition counselling to help clients reach and exceed their nutrition, fitness, and weight goals. Our registered dietitian, Jenna Swift, will provide comprehensive dietary assessments, meal planning based on macronutrients, sport specific counselling, weight management advice, dietary micronutrient analysis, and disease management education. Included in all of these various services is ongoing support and continued goal setting.


Nutrition Services

  • Assessment – will consist of a review of current food intake including macro and micronutrient analysis, individualized counselling for sports nutrition, weight gain, weight loss (through mindful eating practices), heart healthy eating, nutrition for chronic disease management, general improvement of your diet to increase energy and overall health. 
  • Follow-Up Session – to help clients build on the assessment with education and intervention. The dietitian will make any necessary adjustments to the program, provide a variety of alternative meal plans and recipe ideas, as well as continued dietary support. 
  • Grocery Store Tour - at the location of your choice, learn how to shop smart! You will learn a lot about label reading, maximizing your money, healthy choices for your meal plan. This service is a one-on-one guide providing tips and tricks for minimizing cost and optimizing your nutrition.
  • Corporate Presentations – “Lunch and Learns” that will focus on general healthy eating (avoiding afternoon slumps, maintaining energy levels, healthy and convenient lunch and snack ideas, sugar shocker game, nutrition trivia). Options for tailoring the nutrition content to your team and time allowance is also an option. Please contact us for more information on this service.
  • Benefit Coverage - Many extended health benefits will cover nutrition services from a Registered Dietitian!

For more information on services and prices please contact the clinic! 

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